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Tonganoxie Morning

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Current and Upcoming Events (Click on Events for Details)

The National Arts Club -New York, NY September 2-September 27

Strecker-Nelson Gallery - the First Floor Pop Up Gallery -
Manhattan, Ks
Currently on display

Leopold Gallery -Brookside, MO Currently on display

Currently showing in New York City at the National Arts Club

Manhattans Glory

Manhattan's Glory - A pastel on art Spectrum paper.18"x24"


2014 Winner of the Commemorative poster for the
Symphony in the Flint Hills

Hear the Music

Hear the Music - A pastel on wallis paper using many photo references.18"x24"


Grand Prize Winner in the 14th Annual Pastel 100
In the April 2013 issue of Pastel Journal

Pastel 100
Miles to Go

Miles to Go - A pastel on wallis paper of the Flint Hills. 24"x36"


First Prize Winner in the Animal/Wildlife category of the 14th Annual Pastel 100
The April 2013 issue of Pastel Journal
Pastel 100
Into the Light

Into the Light- A pastel on wallis paper from a photo reference of my trip to Nebraska. 18"x24"

Honorable Mention in the Landscape category of the 14th Annual Pastel 100
The April 2013 issue of Pastel Journal
Rolling Through

Rolling Through- A pastel on wallis paper looking East in my neighborhood. 21"x23"

Entries into the Symphony in the Flint Hills Silent Art Auction

The Lookout

Keeper of the Hills
The Lookout- 2013 - A pastel on Wallis paper. This
is a combination of many photos from the Flint Hills.

This year the event will take place on June 15th at
Fort Riley,Kansas
Keeper of the Hills- 2012 - A pastel on Wallis paper. This also is from combining different photos.This was sold in the auction at the Symphony in the Flint Hills event last year in Bushong, Kansas.

Longhorn from Bennington, Ks

Within- A pastel on wallis paper.

British Whites

British Whites- A pastel on wallis paper.

Holsteins in the Flint Hills

Holsteins- This is another large pastel on Wallis paper. This came from a photo reference from a workshop with Kim Casebeer in May of 2012.

Ellsworth Section

Ellsworth Section

This is my largest pastel yet! It was a commission of historical Becker family property in the Smoky Hills and their cattle. This was developed from a combination of many photos. 30" x 37"

famous Kansans

Famous Kansans Click here to see the process!

In celebration of the Kansas sesquicentennial, ten artists were chosen to paint scenes depicting Kansas history. These ten paintings will be given away as the second chance drawing prize for the Kansas Lottery 150 scratch off tickets. This is my pastel of "Famous Kansans". (Can you name them all?)


Flint Hills
Cottonwood Falls

Cottonwood Falls- A pastel on wallis paper.



Johnson County Art Fest 2010

Ernie Miller Nature Center

This pastel is now in the permanent collection of the Bone Creek Museum in David City,NE


One Foggy Morning
One Foggy Morning - A pastel on Wallis paper.



in the 12th Annual Pastel 100 Competition.
This winning pastel is slated to appear in the April 2011 issue of

The Pastel Journal.

Eudora Cows
Eudora Cows



Paint the Parks 2009

Purchase Award Winner

Mini Top 50 Competition
with the Pastel called:
"Fallen Arches"


Fallen Arches
Arches- A pastel on Art Spectrum paper. This painting is from Arches National Park in Utah.



Check Out The Boot!

The Boot Before The Boot After

Follow my progress as I painted a 6' tall boot as part of the celebration of the sesquicentennial of Olathe, Kansas in 2007.

The boot is to honor the history of the Hyer Boot Company which began in Olathe around 1880.

Olathe has also been home to five governors which is the theme of my boot design. I painted portraits within five oval frames around the top and scenes of old Olathe on the lower part of the boot.

Join me as I work! Check out The Boot

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